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Dry Sorbent Injection


Spartan Energy has adapted a process for the reduction of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emissions in oil and gas facilities with amine units.

  • The process uses injected sorbent to remove pollution prior to it reaching the atmosphere.
  • The DSI process reduces SO2 emissions from the facility, keeping it within permitted levels.
  • It is cost competitive with traditional scavengers while reducing contamination issues in the process gas stream.
  • Process is Patent Pending.

What is Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI)?

  • Direct injection of a media into a gas stream to remove pollution or contaminants
  • Developed in the late 1980’s to reduce Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emissions (and other pollutants) from power plant emissions
  • Can reduce SO2 emissions by 90%
  • Widely used in power plants, industrial boilers, and manufacturing facilities worldwide

Benefits of DSI:


  • Reduced pollution—lowers emissions to easily permitted levels
  • Simple, proven process
  • Removes almost all H2S from process gas stream eliminating fouling and scavenger residue build up
  • Quick to install and remove—(1-2 week setup) on new or existing amine facilities
  • Uses widely available media for SO2 extraction


  • Economical solution for applications ranging from 500‐4000 lbs./day of sulfur, particularly when amine treating is required as well
  • Limited up front capital cost
  • Cost competitive vs. traditional chemical scavengers

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